My promise to my people before my death was never to leave them without my love. I promised I would send someone equal to me to tend to their needs and to stand in for me while I was away from them. I knew that, without me, my disciples would not withstand the tribulations of the world. I knew that they would need a strong liaison to fulfill their mission on the earth. I had asked them to carry on my mission, to minister to my people in my name, and to convert those who desired to
come into my fold. I had asked them to go among the people witnessing to them in my name, but they became afraid, saying if I would not be with them to guide and direct them, how would they be able to communicate with people from all areas and convert them to my heart? So I prayed to my  heavenly Father and he granted my request to send the Holy Spirit to be my [reinforcement] for my disciples. I told them that I would never leave them or forsake them; even after I returned to my
heavenly king-dom, I would always be with them in a special way. I told them I would never leave them unattended. I would always be with them to tend to their special needs. Then I explained that the heavenly Father and I would send them a special helper, the Holy Spirit, who would infuse his love in a most unique way and would be with them in my absence.

At the first Pentecost, I gathered my friends and disciples around and prayed for enlightenment. I blessed them and suddenly a strong wind descended from the heavenly realm and surrounded the group. Tongues of fire suspended over their heads , and they began to speak in foreign languages and to understand the languages, even though they had never spoken any language but their native
dialect. They began speaking to the crowds in many dialects and laying hands upon the people, praying. They began to heal in my name. They were amazed and wanted to know what had taken place. They were elated and emotionally uplifted. I explained that the heavenly Father had seen fit to have the Holy Spirit descend upon them and give them special gifts that would enable them to minister to my people after I ascended to the Father. I told them this special person was the third
person of the Triune God and would be with them to give them special gifts and help. These gifts would be used in their ministry and would help to convert the unchurched people and bring them back into the fold.

Today, as on the first Pentecost, I again come among my people and reiterate the good news of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit lives among you. Call and pray to him often. He is truly God and, although not in human form as I was, still resides in spirit form and goes about spreading his good news of salvation, giving his special gifts to as many as will acknowledge and receive them. It is as though my body was taken from you, but my spirit, in the form of the Holy Spirit, was left with you
to carry on my mission to save the world from Satan. Many of you who have acknowledged the Holy Spirit have seen your lives change, sometimes miraculously. This is the power of the Holy Spirit. When he imbues* his power over you, you will witness great events in your life.

I say unto you, claim his power in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Your life will never be the same again. You will be changed in an instant, and you will come to know and love the Triune God as you have never known before. I advise you to call upon the Holy Spirit every day and let him guide you to a peaceful and rewarding life.

Say this prayer every day:

Come, Holy Spirit, fill this heart with your love.
Enkindle in my soul the fire of your love
and renew me with your heavenly graces.
Send forth your spirit to descend upon me
and give me the necessary graces
to attain God's peace and love in this world,
so that I may be rewarded in the heavenly kingdom.
Infuse in me your gifts that will enable me to perform
acts of love in praise of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
I acknowledge you as the Paraclete* in my life today,
and I bid you welcome. I thank you for being my guide
and for the gifts that you have blessed me with.
Grant me the grace of enlightenment so that, through you,
I may fulfill all the plans in this life
that has been planned for me by the Father.
Please continue to bless me and be a part of my life
while here on earth.
I pray that you will always be with me
to lead and guide me back to my heavenly home
where I will be welcomed by my heavenly Father
and my friend and savior, Jesus.
I give thanks and praise to you, and I love you.

Go in my peace this day. Remember to pray to the Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, every

Your loving friend and savior,


*imbue = to cause to become penetrated; to infuse

*Paraclete = advocate; intercessor